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Best Steps to Remove Battery From Lenovo laptop

Removing your notebook battery is a straightforward process. Most Lenovo notebooks have batteries that slide out, which makes it very simple to change or remove the battery. Anyway, some models like the Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR, have to be opened to get rid of the battery. 
If you are removing the battery to change it with a new one, ensure that it is compatible and that it is the real battery. You can check whether the label is the same just to be secure. Now, here is how to remove the battery from Lenovo laptop.
The battery from the pack
Some batteries of Leneno notebook are put on the rear. And removing the battery is extremely simple for this generation of notebooks. You have no issue removing the battery.
The steps here are:
1.Either unhook it or unplug the power cable if your notebook is linked.

2.Turn your notebook cover and face the bottom.

3.Locate the latch battery on the base of the notebook. Some of the typical locks found on notebooks also.

4.Slide the latch switch on the other side to get rid of the battery and hold it open before it is released.

5.The battery emerges on specific computers alone. In other, with your fingertips, you must take the laptop battery out gently.
Now, you can perform whatever you want with your Lenovo notebook battery.
Make the opposite steps to install the notebook battery.

Remove battery from the back
Steps for internal Lenovo laptop battery removal
Some Lenovo notebooks store their batteries behind the back cover. So, if you want to remove the battery from your notebook, you must first remove the outer casing. The procedure is as follows:
Step 1: First, you should disconnect the notebook from all of its peripherals. And flip your notebook back.

Step 2: After that, using a screwdriver, get rid of all the screws from the back of the notebook case. If you want to remove the cover, you must use some plastic prying tools.

Step 3: Here, you will find your notebook internal battery on the bottom or top panel. You will find screws that keep the battery in place when you check the back of the notebook. Get rid of all screws one more thing using a lead screwdriver.

Step 4: Sometimes, you may see a cable surrounding the battery. Carefully take out the cable as well as the battery.
battery from the front

Can Lenovo laptop batteries be replaced?
Definitely, it is. In the technique mentioned above, you can use these techniques to remove Lenovo battery. You can finish Lenovo notebook battery replacement with the help of techniques. For Lenovo battery replacement, you can buy a new battery and change it with the old one just following the guide step by step.
Can Lenovo IdeaPad 110 run without a battery?
Yes, it can work without a battery. A notebook can work without a battery or with a dead battery. To use your notebook without a battery, you have to forever connect your notebook to an electrical outlet. But ensure you are using the real notebook charger. Continue changes in electrical output are dangerous to motherboard. The real adapter and charger might decrease that risk.
Well, it is essential to know about your laptop. You need to know how to do everything. Cause you can't always find someone who can fix your laptop. Whatever it is for battery or anything else.

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